What is graph visualization and why does it matter?


Data is what makes the world go round. Everything that people value is represented somewhere as a data point. Where we live, who we are related to, our interests, our dislikes, our shopping patterns, our communications. All of that information can be collected and stored as data. Those that can understand and leverage this data find success.

For years, database companies have been assisting individuals and companies securely store and edit their data. But what about leveraging that data? What about using that data to help you be more successful? If you are not going to use your data, then why keep it at all? Graph visualization tools, such as Arcade, has made it possible for individuals and companies to use their data in a more meaningful and significant way.

To understand how this works, we must first take a look at what a graph is. A graph allows a user to view a data set visually instead of in a table. This visualization is achieved by using nodes and edges. A node represents a single data point, such as a person, an IP address, a phone number, while an edge represents a connection between two nodes, such as a communication

Graph visualization tools, such as Arcade, gives users a user friendly interface that allows the user to customize their data. Customizing data allows users to see relationships and connections within their data set significantly faster. Traditional tabular data is hard to analyze and often can only be done by IT specialists. Graph visualization tools allow non-IT individuals to understand their data. Too often opportunities are missed because data is not utilized to its full potential. The more that people can understand their own data, the more they can do with it.

While everyone can benefit from understanding their data more, currently the most relevant fields using this technology are Fraud, Cyber Security, Intelligence, and Sales & Marketing.  

Arcade believes that you should be able have full control over your data. Data is something that should be used, enjoyed, and even played with by its users. To learn more about what you can do with your own data click on the link below to try a free demo.