Introducing the New Table Widget

Graph Widget Side Toolbar - Table

London, July 27, 2018

Arcade Analytics released the new Table widget. This widget allows visualizing data in tabular format. The new Table widget is available as a standalone widget to be used on any dashboard and as a new view in the Graph Widget. In order to populate the table with data, you can use the Arcade search, a simple read from the source or any advanced query (you can use Neo4j Cypher, OrientDB SQL, Postgres SQL, etc.).

This is a dashboard with the new Table widget on the right.

How to create a new Table widget? Look at this video.


And finally the new Table view in the Graph Editor. The two views, Graph, and Table are perfectly synchronized. You can always switch between the two of them. Any change in the Graph panel is reflected in the Table panel and vice versa.


Enjoy the new Table widget. The team is working to also embed the table at the bottom of the Graph View. This should be released in a few days. Stay tuned!