New Arcade Demo Now Available

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Welcome to Arcade!

We are proud to announce that the newest version of Arcade has been released for you to access through our online demo. Arcade is changing the way that data is not only being used, but perceived. Understanding how to leverage your data has always been a challenge. Now with Arcade it is not only easy, but fun!

With Arcade’s  demo, users now have the chance to test out Arcade’s newest functions and customization options. Our demo is setup with multiple pre installed datasets, including: the Panama Papers, the Paradise Papers, and data from Twitter. Users can access these datasets in a limited, read only environment with limited nodes. This limited environment allows users to play with the newest customization options Arcade has to offer, in an easily resettable way. Some of the newest features that Arcade now has to offer include a text search bar, node customization, and a filter option. Users can search their database using a text search bar instead of using a programming language to query a specific data point. Arcade shows the top ten relevant results for the user to select. Users can then traverse through the dataset by using Arcade’s traverse tool. Users also have more customization options then ever with the ability to change node size, color, and even insert a background image. Finally, users now have the option to filter their visualized data. This feature gives users more control on how they can view their data and relationships within their dataset.

To lean more about our newest features give our demo a try. Playing with data has never been more fun!