Case Study

Network Analysis

How data visualization helped with a cyber-security threat analysis.

Client: A Tech company
Project: Find security loopholes

Every day cyber-security threats become more and more advanced. With such a fast, sophisticated growth rate, how can businesses keep up while also meeting their necessary operational, audit and security needs?

Advanced data visualization allows analysts to improve overall security solutions. Switching form traditional warehouse data to data visualization, gives added value for everyday operations. Analysts can now start to make sense of their connected data and investigate any suspicious behaviours on their network.

Using real-time information, analysts can detect suspicious activity patterns faster and simpler especially for large amounts of data.

Visualizations make interpreting easier, and provides a live connection for all analysts.

The Result
Increased security and safety for your company.

Increase security with data visualization

With Arcade, understanding your complex data is simple. Our tools make visualizing and reporting something everyone can – and should – do. Seeing your data clearly will alert you early to negative trends and irregularities.
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Giving Control Back to the Security Analysts

Cyber-security isn’t the only thing that has evolved over the last 15 years. SIEM/LM solutions have evolved continuously as well to match the threats. Giving analysts all the information they need, SIEM/LM solutions provide all the 360 context needed to determine the event of the attack, as well as the sophistication within the network. In order to effectively contain a security breach you need the right information… specifically the analysts!

But, even in today, this still remains a challenge for organizations big and small. With a multitude of devices to monitor and the complexity of networks both growing, there is so much data that it almost becomes disabling to analysts. Why? Because there is not enough connection or information to make it informative — until now.

Graph visualization makes SIEM/LM data more useful.

Switching to a scalable data backend is often the trend away from traditional data, allowing new analytics tools like graph visualization. These updated backends often take the form of data lake frameworks. Helping to rid the data of duplication by collecting and enriching data and then making it interact with the tools like graph visualization.

Unlike data logs, data lakes offer more control when it comes to terrabytes of security logs. Most big businesses and those who are serious about analytics apps will need to make the switch. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be intrusive or a pain to do.

Helping Empower Security Analysts to Transform their Data

Investigating immense amounts of datas becomes effective and useful once your data lake is up and running. Using real time operations, data visualization is created instantly helping connect and predict precise post-attack forensics analysis in simple and digestible ways. Catching patterns of suspicious activity and recognizable pathways is suddenly not a long term task, but and up to date by the second overview.

So, what does this mean for data analysts? Interpreting just got easier!

Visualization reduces the expanse and complexity of the analysts. This allows forensics analysis to happen internally.

The Result?

Increased security and safety for your company