Case Study


How one international company improved their logistics with data visualization

Client: International Operations Management Company
Project: Improve speed and quality of internal systems

How one international company improved their logistics with data visualization.

Running an international logistics business 365 days a year is no easy feat. With big time frames comes big amounts of data.

So, when this 24/7 business needed a to track over 5 million parcels a day in real-time as well build a new data platform, simply seeing the numbers wasn’t enough. With both B2B and B2C sales, the logistics company needed a solution.

The Result
Higher increase in productivity and smoother operations

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The Solution

With such a large quantity of data, the solution handled of over 3,000 calculations per second amongst the logical network, all while seamlessly integrating with a message-driven architecture filled with mixed software stacks.

After going live only 2 months ago, the data and numbers began to reach their seasonal peak. When it hit its peak performance, the system ran without a hitching, smoothly scaling linearly.

The Challenges Along the Way

In the world of data, when there’s no space left… there’s no space left. After maxing out capacity in its routing database, the world’s largest international logistics provider needed to find a solution to their lack of space.

The solution to helping them get their logistics back fell into graph visualization helping discover relational systems. Updating in milliseconds, the visualization helped the company receive data from external sources as well as evolve alongside the rapidly growing business.

The Result?

They discovered where they could save time, space and maximize running their operations