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Arcade has always had a team of innovators. This innovation and desire to create the next big thing has led us to being able to solve one of the most difficult limitations that relational databases (RDBMS) face, an inability to efficiently analyze and visualize their datasets.

Up until this point, one solution was for you to migrate over to a graph database. While graph databases, such as OrientDB and Neo4j, can offer many benefits and solutions, migrating can be expensive, time consuming, and difficult. Suffice it to say that migrating from a relational database to a graph database is not for everyone. This is why Arcade created a RDBMS Connector. You can now integrate Arcade directly with your RDBMS and visualize the relationships within your dataset as a graph. This offers an alternative solution to those that do not want, or need, to migrate to a graph database.

To try out our new RDBMS Connector for yourself, click here to play with the new demo using a dataset from PostgreSQL. To learn more about the PostgreSQL dataset used in our demo click here.