Case Study

Enhancing Media User Experience

How one media-service provider dynamically tailors their content based on user’s taste

Client: Media-Service Provider

In the past decade, media has grown from a weekly viewing schedule, to a long-scale quick binge fest. So, with so many options to choose from, how do media companies decide what are the best options to show you?

When it comes to personalization and dynamically tailoring, media companies often turn to data visualization.

The Result:
Predict users' behaviour and decisions
Enhance customer experience
Enhance business strategies

Correlate users' activities and predict their behaviour

With Arcade you can handle your recommendation system data more easily in a variety of areas including movies, music, news, books, research articles, search queries, social tags, and products in general. Our tools make predicting the “rating” or “preference” of a user by building a model from the user’s past behaviour and by correlating it with similar decisions made by other users.
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Finding the Best Viewing Options

For media service data visualization engineers, finding the right options is more than just utilizing past choices. With so much content curated, media services have a data lake of information, scanning beyond individual users.

To help expand user experience data visualization helped analysts combined and weave together their findings of raw data, analytics, business insights, and visual storytelling.  

Connecting the Relationship Dots

But relationships don’t stop at just one viewer. Data visualization can also show connections between users with similar taste. With this data insight, the media company not only used individual preferences, but utilized many other areas to help create a “more inclined” viewing relationship.

From watch patterns based on audiences in every country, and even state, to utilizing similar profiles, the company was able to draw connections between each point to visually make insightful choices.

Data visualization helped to not only combine preference choices, but showcase the best options in each genre category, down to the best thumbnail to show for viewing options.

Why Arcade

With Arcade, you are able to visually see the connections of recommendation system. By visually assessing the different areas, you can more easily create

Using data, you can update recommendations in areas including:

  • Movies
  • Television
  • Music
  • News
  • Books
  • Research Articles
  • Social Tags
  • Products
  • And More

No matter what area, Arcade’s tools help make predicating the behavior of a user better by utililizing past choices. This in turn creates a more dynamic and enjoyable user experience.

The Result

With easy-to-view connections and preferences, companies can recommend the best options for the viewers taste. Based on past performances and stated preferences, the best movie is a click away.

When placed into a visual graph the relationships and close identities are easy to connect. Helping to: