Build and Share your analysis with Arcade Analytics


The output of any study, investigations, and analysis is a nice presentation, right? Then, once you have created your beautiful dashboard in Arcade, it would be nice sharing your results with your boss, your colleague or the press. Of course, you could export the widget as an image or even taking a screenshot, but how cool would it be sharing the actual dashboard with everybody so they can also interact with it? 

I’ve got good news for you: Arcade Analytics v2.0 supports the sharing of widgets and the whole dashboard in just a click.

Widget Sharing

Sharing a widget is very simple, let’s suppose I am an investigative journalist who performed a forensic analysis about some entities and intermediaries by studying some specific relationships in the Panama Papers dataset through Arcade Analytics, like this (please click and move the nodes around the widget).



Sharing a widget turns out to be very easy, you just have to click on the “kebab-menu” at top right in the widget’s panel header, then select the share option.



You will see a popup window like the following:



As you can see, there is an iframe code that can be copied and embedded in a web page, but in order to make the widget available, you have to switch its access status to be “Open”.



By opening the resource, the latest version of the widget will be accessible everywhere it was embedded through the iframe. By closing the resource, the widget will be unavailable for public viewing.


Dashboard Sharing

Sharing a whole dashboard can be more useful if we need to show several widgets belonging to the same analysis, especially when these widgets are connected and we want to allow our readers to make them interact each other. To share a whole dashboard you just have to click the share button in the top-right corner.



Then you will see a popup window very similar to the previous one: in the same way, you will be able to share the dashboard simply by copying the iframe code reported in the window. Again, don’t forget to open the resource, otherwise, the dashboard won’t be available.

Open/Close a dashboard, forces all the contained widgets to be opened/closed. Once the dashboard is opened, you implicitly open all the contained widgets. By closing the dashboard, all the widgets are set as unavailable.
Of course, you can open a dashboard and then decide to close one or more widgets, or vice versa you can close the dashboard keeping public just one or more widgets.

Below is the shared dashboard you can play with:



I hope this post was helpful. If you’re going to share any of your widgets or dashboards on public websites, please tweet your page with the hashtag #arcadeanalytics!


Best Regards,

Gabriele Ponzi
Software Engineer