At Arcade Analytics, human insight meets innovative technology.

Motivated to find the deeper connections of your data.

Opportunity comes from understanding.

This simple phrase is what has driven the heart of Arcade Analytics from the beginning, and continues to drive it now.

The truth is EVERYTHING IS DATA. Everything we find in life: happiness, intrigue, passion, and more in can be represented somewhere as a data point! With technology advancing rapidly the world will generate more and more data every year. So why not utilize it?

Arcade Analytics was designed by top international programmers to make data fun. Or better put, Arcade Analytics was created by number enthusiasts who wanted to make a playground where they could not only see their numbers, but help others to see their own as well.

With numbers as their forte, Arcade’s founders put two and two together (numbers + graphs) to create the software that makes it possible for individuals to use their data in a more meaningful and significant way!

Data is beautiful and valuable, so why shouldn’t its design be? Our innovative technology was conceived to make the creation of graph analysis both visually stunning and simple to use. Arcade wants to put the power of data back into YOUR hands.