It’s time to play*

*with your data

Introducing the new generation of Graph Analytics tools that works the way you brains do.


Of all information transmitted to the brain is visual

Visuals are processed


faster in the brain

Don’t just understand your data

Engage your data

How it works
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Find and understand the undiscovered connections in your database. Arcade integrates with all the most popular Graph Databases (Neo4j, OrientDB, TigerGraph and JanusGraph). Our algorithms execute queries against the connected DBMS in real time. Integrating your data with Arcade allows you to visually view your database and readily see connections that are often missed.  



Arcade is built with cutting-edge technology.  Users can benefit from Arcade from anywhere with our cloud-based subscription option. Arcade is also available on-premise for those users that are dealing with larger datasets. Arcade’s speed and efficiency is based off of your computer’s CPU, however, if a GPU is found, Arcade uses it transparently to run faster computation.  Arcade is compatible with all modern browsers and operating systems. Whether you use Google Chrome on a Linux or Firefox on a Mac, Arcade integrates flawlessly.*

*Arcade Server is written in Java® and runs on any Operative Systems that support Java Standard Edition v1.8+

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arcade nodes

Are you BigData? Arcade supports databases with billions of nodes and edges. Our pre-built Algorithms allow users to visualize relationships and connections
within databases in seconds. Thanks to the advanced filtering system, it’s easy to manage large amounts of data in a flash. With Arcade, data is manageable and useful – and fun.

Is Security important to you? Arcade uses the most advanced security standards to ensure that your data remains safe and secure. Arcade allows users to keep their data on their own servers, while securely using our software to analyze the data.


Arcade has been designed by Analytics and Graph Database experts to create one powerful tool to make complex analysis easy to


It’s blazing fast. Arcade is able to load thousands of nodes and edges on your browser in a few milliseconds. If available, the GPU is used for a smoother experience.


Pre-built graph algorithms, like shortest path to find the shorter connections between two nodes graphically.


Fully customizable. You can customize pretty much everything to deliver the output directly to non-IT guys.